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Perception of marketing executives on the use of co-creation as a tool to break paradigms in the aut

Among the various approaches that the literature offers regarding the process of co-creation, a common element is value creation. In this diverse landscape, the proposal more suitable to apply in this study was developed by Prahalad and Ramaswamy (2004), a model called "D.A.R.T." (Dialogue, Access, Risk and Transparency). In the co-creation Dialogue establishes a relationship of complicity, uniting the parties to a common goal. The Access is the engagement platform. The Transparency is the maximum degree of trust established to maintain the relationship between company and the client and the Risk is reflected by the little control that the company has when interacting with customers while exchanging of experiences (the market from the perspective of co-creation). This article aims to analyze and demonstrate, through a case study, how co-creation helps to break paradigms established in the market (more specifically, the confidentiality in the automotive industry), how a company can innovate the relationship with its customers, and how it should structure the information/process flow. The company takes out that co-create it is necessary to plan, to take the risks of open exposure and collaboration, and fully support from the board.


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